REGOORT is a wholesale company focused on import, storage, production, distribution and sales of (Electro-) technical materials.

The company, founded in 1919 focuses on (Electro-) technical installation companies, factories, lighting industry and companies in the agricultural sector, telecommunication and public transport.

The (Electro-) technical materials available in our extensive assortment are selected from certified suppliers from all over Europe, with which we have established a long term relationship.

Below you can see a time frame from the start in 1919 till the present.


1919 - 1974

Mr. P.A.H. Regoort (born 1883) founded the technical trading company called Regoort in 1919. During the first world war (1914-1918) he bought machines in Germany and sold these machines to England.

The Netherlands was neutral during the first world war and there was a special need of a certain type of machinery in England which were produced in Germany.

Mr Regoort bought these machines from the predecessor of the firm Cable Hackethal Draht und Werke AG

This company Hackethal, after several acquisitions is currently an organisation called RFS from Hanover and this company is still represented by Regoort BV today.

There are several companies that up to this date are still represented by Regoort BV. Such as Schaltbau Munich (since 1960), Radium from Wipperf├╝rth (since 1958), CAW from Schalksm├╝hle (since 1949) and Wist from Niefern (since 1962).

1974 - 2009

Regoort B.V. has been a part of Rotterdam for many years. till 1974 at the left side of the Rottekade 101-102 and from 1974 till 2009 at the Bergstraat 8-12

Due to growth in our organisation we were forced to add an extra warehouse. Because expansion was not an option at the Bergstraat in Rotterdam we decided to move our warehouse to the Fruiteniersstraat 33 in Zwijndrecht.


Since April 1st 2009 we have moved our office and warehouse from the Bergstraat in Rotterdam to the Gildenweg 16 in Zwijndrecht.

The warehouse at the Fruiteniersstraat, which was expanded in 2007 with the building of the neighbors (Fruiteniersstraat 35) is now used primarily for storage and processing of telecom products and lighting.




2010 is an exciting year for Regoort. As of 2010 we have a new website and the year 2011 will bring much more excitement with the addition of the Nice-R Air filtration system.


2015 was also an important year for Regoort. Our new building has been realized and the four different locations are brought together in our new building at the Pilot Whale Workers Street.