Welcome to Regoort.nl

REGOORT is a company focused on import, storage, production, distribution and sales of (Electro-) technical materials.

The company, founded in 1919 focuses on (Electro-) technical installation companies, factories, lighting industry and companies in the agricultural sector, telecommunication and public transport.

The (Electro-) technical materials available in our extensive assortment are selected from certified suppliers from all over Europe, with which we have established a long term relationship.


Our assortment

We are also supplier of many different type of products that do not fit in any of the other categories. We have a large variety of items ranging from magnetic switches from E.K.S to cable entry systems from Icotek

One of our specialties is our traction department where we provide products for the Dutch railway company “Nederlandse Spoorwegen”. We offer a wide range of spare parts such as microswitches, heating elements, cushioning for seats, control panels and if required we can develop a custom solution with NedTrain to meet any requirement of our customers.


The factories of Regoort have over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturering heating elements for all types of applications.

Our website currently shows regular luminaires. For a complete overview of our suppliers and products we recommend looking at our catalogs in the download section.


Regoort B.V. also supplies a wide variety of products related to CATV Technology, such as anntennaboxes, fiberglass nodes etc.


We import