Heating Elements

The manufacturing plants  of Regoort have over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing heating elements for various applications. Because we don’t limit our production to just one factory, we are able to offer the largest selection of heating elements for the best price available.

Many products are available straight from our stock, otherwise it will be made to specification within the fastest time frame possible.


We offer a wide range of materials that we can use in the manufacturing process of your heating element. To guarantee the infinite variety of applications there are many possibilities and ways to manufacture a heating element.

The element for instance has to withstand the corresponding operating temperature, it has to resist corrosion and the material has to be of the right type of consistency in order to create the most reliable heating element for a competitive price. The following materials can be used:

  • Copper
  • RVS type 304, 316 en 321
  • Incoloy 600, 800 en 825
  • Titanium
  • Teflon
Technical Data

Special voltages, watts, size and shapes can be made according to custom specifications.


Industrial ovens, furnaces, batteries, etc.

  • Heating air
  • Heating of fluids
  • Heating of solids
  • Sensors
  • Thermostats

Heating Elements: Iso 9001


All our Heating elements are ISO 9001 certified

More information can be found onwww.applus.com

We are more than welcome to offer you a competitive quotation on any part or item you prefer.